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We offer a wide selection of printable wedding , reception and favor kits . Print and embellish your cards yourself from the comfort of your home.

No special graphic programs are required, you can personalize the invitation with your word processor and print on your inkjet, .jpg images are included if you do wish to alter the wording and fonts with your graphics program.

Our wedding kits allow you the freedom to edit all the templates to your liking with your own words and fonts.

Try out different fonts and wording for your invitation. Create your own style!

We have a wide selection of Themed Wedding Invitations

Invitation Selection Guide

The wedding invitation is usually the first item that you will choose after your color and theme. The invitation gives your guests a hint of what is to come for your wedding concerning the color, theme and atmosphere. When picking out styles of invitations you need to remember the invitation may be the only clue your guest will have in deciding how to dress, what to bring and what to expect.

The invitation sets the mood for the wedding so it is important to think about several things before selecting the best fit for the atmosphere you wish to create. What is your color schemes? Is the wedding formal or informal? Is the wedding going to have a basic theme like a beach wedding, or a garden wedding? Knowing which way you are headed in the big picture for your wedding will help make your selection of an invitation much easier.

For example if you are planning a fall wedding ,we have several beautiful fall invitations for you to select from : the examples below are just a few from our selection.

Do It Yourself Printable Wedding Kits

EASY  AS  1 2 3


Do it yourself Wedding kits are as simple as 1, 2, 3. Select the template you wish to edit , open in a Word Program on your computer. Edit as directed. Print your template and trim to size. Easy as that!

Wedding Kit Components

Our Wedding Invitation Cd contains 7 templates that take you from the first Save the Date Card to the final Thank you for the Wedding Gift Card. The CD contains:t wo styles of Invitations, A Save the Date card, RSVP card, Thank you card, and 2 envelope templates. In addition to these templates the delux cd also contains everything you need for your reception; 7 extras including a menu card, a placecard, a chruch program, a table tent number template, favor tag, cd cover, and a wine label.

Our Wedding Downloadable Invitation kits include: 7 templates that take you from the first Save the Date Card to the final Thank You for the Wedding Gift Card. Two styles of Invitations, a Save the Date card, RSVP card, Thank You card, 2 envelope templates are all supplied.

Beach Wedding Invitation Kit

The beauty of these kits is that you can print as many or as few invitations as you like. Print 25 or print 1,000. No more worrying about buying kits from the stationary store in packages of 50. Use the paper you choose. Add ribbon or embellishments and you have something you have had a hand in creating.

Buy 2 or 3 different kits and try them out to see what you like best. It is that affordable! Our kits have all been tested and printed on a home ink jet printer using plain white light weight card stock paper. The results of these kits are beautiful and proffessional looking.

The best part of using the basic kit is that you created it yourself by adding your own special touches.

Selecting the Paper

If you want a simple, yet elegant invitation we suggest you use a plain matt photo paper available at any stationary store. One package of 50 papers will make 100 - 5x7 invitations for less than $12.00. Please keep in mind when choosing your paper that these templates are graphic intensive, meaning what you see in the picture is what you are going to get on your paper when you print. So if you choose a lovely dark green paper and you see a white background you will get a white background on your green paper. So as we said , we print all ours on plain white paper or a textured white paper and they turn out beautiful.

There are many papers available for you to select from, depending on the theme of your wedding. Some popular types of papers for weddings are cotton papers, vellum, linen papers, speckled papers, deckled edged papers, recycled papers, papers with leaves or flowers embedded in them.

We suggest that you buy a few samples of the papers that interest you and try them out on your ink jet printer first. All ink jet printers may feed paper or print a little differently, so select the paper that achieves the best results for you. Create your own unique look for the design you select. Try out your paper first before purchasing the whole lot so you will not be disappointed with the look.


Make sure before you print off 200 invitations that you have checked your edited templates carefully. Let someone who has not worked on the editing go over the edited template draft before you print. It is easy to have a spelling error that slips by you. Make sure you check the dates and times carefully.

When printing make sure that you use a nice card stock weight paper, and set your printer to print on best quality. In designing our wedding kits we have arranged the templates ready to edit and print to give the maximum usuage for your paper without wasting paper. Each template in the kit is set up per sheet ready to print.

Simple easy to follow printing directions are included in the kit making it so easy to complete your own wedding invitation essemble. Each step of the way you can follow explicit directions to assure you of a beautiful printing results each time. What could be easier!

Popular Wedding Fonts

Many wonderful fonts can be downloaded free at font sites. If you type a search for Wedding Fonts, the list will be extensive. Download a font that you like and install it on your computer following the instructions on the site you selected your font at. The font we use in most of the examples is the Chopin Script .

Some popular colors to select for ink printing your editable text are black, dark green, navey blue, dark purple. Look at the basic color of your invitation and select a color that is dark and easy to read that co-ordinates with the invitation.


Wedding invitations need to be sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

Save the date cards are a nice addition for guests who live far away.

Save the date cards allow your guests plenty of time to make travel and holiday arrangement far in advance. It is a nice courtesy to assure those you love far away are able to come to your special day.

The response cards should be sent with postage. Make sure you have the right amount of postage on the response cards. If you are unsure, ask your local postal worker for help.

You should never assume you are putting the correct postage on your invitation. Take one of your completed invitations to the post office and have it weighed. The correct postage will ensure prompt delivery with no postage due.

Envelope Addressing

Addressing your envelopes can be easier if you follow these guidelines.

Review your guest list and make sure that all of the addresses are current and that all the names are spelled correctly.

Always spell out your guests full name and address without using abbreviations. The only acceptable abbreviations are Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Jr.. Junior is always preceeded by a comma. Handwritten or caligraphy addresses look the best, but again that is entirely up to you.

Adding Embellishments

It is very easy to add your own touches to your wedding kits by adding a simple embellishment such as a ribbon or a charm. Our triple fold wedding inviation template is designed to be tied with a ribbon or fancy strip of paper. Co-ordinate your invitation ribbon color to the inside of your invitation and create a beautiful presentation. Add cord or raffia to a beach wedding invitation to further enhance your destination wedding theme.

The garden butterfly invitation kit would look great with an added flower embellishment or a leaf and ribbon. How you add that extra touch is up to you and the time you spend adding just the right embellishment will make your invitation stand out and be that much more special.

Daisy Wedding Kit

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